Uncovering Irresistible Lyric Ideas
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Irresistible Lyric Ideas

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The "Uncovering Irresistible Lyric Ideas" Worksheet

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From the Desk of Melanie Naumann,
Dresden, Germany

Dear Singer/Songwriter,

for the past three years, I've analyzed hundreds of Song Lyrics.

Every two weeks I share what I know about the Power of Storytelling in Songwriting in my Podcast: Stories in Songs.

What works, what doesn't, and why.

And here's what I know...

Every day there are so many new songs released on streaming platforms.

Everyone's looking to draw your attention to THEIR song, their music, their band/artist.

And frankly, the vast majority of it is Not Delivering on the promise they gave you at the song's beginning.

And if you're looking for an emotional connection or takeaway, most of the time you're disappointed.

Like you, I VALUE songs that make an impact on me.

And the way I see it ...

Great songs are not all about the music, but about the lyrics as well.

Lyrics are the reason why someone says: "This song saved my life!"

Do you agree?

I thought so.

Because that's one of the big reasons I put together this Worksheet to help you Uncover Irresistible Lyric Ideas.
Uncover irresistible lyric ideas - discover these secret steps for writing lyrics with intention and clarity

Make The Impact You're Looking For

The Worksheet is a one page step-by-step guide, no-nonsense 'get right to the point' of finding an irresistible idea to write about in your lyrics! It's not about forcing an idea to be irresistible, but finding the ideas that already are irresistible!

Helpful questions, a proven strategy, storytelling insights, and little known formulas that have helped me uncover what's not only irresistible to me when I'm writing, but also what's irresistible to my audience.

And what's great is that these 'steps' are short, sweet, and get right to the meat of the matter when it comes to:
  • ​Inspiration
  • ​Purpose
  • Intention
  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • ​Attention
  • ​Engagement
  • And TONS more
It's all laid out for you.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks of every single question, trick, secret, and time-tested strategy for YOUR Lyric Writing.

This Step-by-Step Worksheet is ready for you NOW.

Inside Your FREE Copy Of:

The "Uncovering Irresistible Lyric Ideas" Worksheet
Worksheet Preview: Uncover your Irresistible Lyric Idea
You're gonna LOVE this! Here's just a taste of what you get inside the Uncovering Irresistible Lyric Ideas Worksheet...

  the only thing that matters

Want to know the ONE THING that could take your lyric writing from pain to joy? It's pretty simple. (Step #1)

  stop writing without a goal

 **WAIT!!** 🛑 Before you even spend a single minute creating your next big song, do THIS first ... and save yourself WEEKS of wasted time and getting stuck. (Step #1)

  The One Reason people don't listen

Discover the ONE THING that matters most in lyric writing (and watch what happens to your first lines). (Step #2)

  The Power of Problems

Use this strategy to hook your audience and keep them engaged from the first line to the last. (Step #2)

  The ONE Question

This one question can help you overcome writer's block and create an amazing takeaway for your audience. (Step #3)

  Why You shouldn't Push your EGo aside

Here's why this is such a lyric writing SUPERPOWER... and why it helps you write with intention and purpose faster than anything else. (Step #3)

  Worst Case Scenario

Feel like people don't want to listen to what you have to say? Here's how to make them care. (Step #4)

  Managing Expectations

Want to turn your audience into fans? There are four core things for getting your audience CRAZY for you. (Step #4)


Each of these secret steps were hand-picked for your success!

You're getting ... absolutely FREE ... the 'best of the best' step-by-step strategy that have 'moved the needle' the most.

My entire goal is to share my lyric writing intel with you so you can write with clear intentions, a strong purpose, and heartfelt joy...

WITHOUT having to sit and sulk on your lyrics again.

Each step takes just a few quick minutes to go through ... that's it. Bite-sized and ready to go!

Let me show you how to...
  • Finding an idea that already IS irresistible
  • ​Being clear about the lyric's climactic moment (and how to get there)
  • Making an impact
  • Creating an emotional connection with your audience
  • ​Satisfying audience expectations
  • ​Getting Heard
  • ​Engaging your listeners
And do it IN A FLASH.

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Uncovering Your Irresistible Lyric Idea
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